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Mediacentric, Technophile, Lover of Louisiana and Devil's Advocate; Photograph/Write/Edit/Repeat Tammy Anthony Baker

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You know that question, "what do you do?" It's not a simple answer for someone with an entrepreneurial streak with widely varying talents and passions. For the past 15+ years, I've juggled a profession, a professional hobby, and political interests to varying degrees. While these were not correlating fields, at times there is inevitable crossover and that convergence strengthens my professional and personal relationships. This unconventional recipe has been a perfect fit for my abundance of energy and interests. After all, sometimes it's tough to decide between what you love and what you're good at.  So why not do it all? This open minded approach has allowed me to embrace the concrete and the creative and have a more than a one sentence answer to "what do you do". If I'm not at home or with a client, you can find me behind a lens. As a freelance photographer the majority of my work is driven by deadline where there's no time for boredom or even time to eat a meal with utensils. It's thrilling, rewarding, and in football where I shoot five yards off the line of scrimmage, it's physically exhausting. The upsides include getting the perfect photo, forever memorializing a moment with an image and words, seeing my name in print, and of course, getting paid for it.  Diversification is my remedy to the ordinary. I've opted to keep the balance, keep both careers, and live a "portfolio life".  Tammy Anthony Baker SEM, Google, Bing, Automotive Marketing, Sports Photographer, Legislative Consultant, Titles, Motor Vehicle Law, Operations, Louisiana, Legal Research and Writing, Photojournalist, Media, Public Speaking, Public Relations, Agile Methodology

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Traditional and Transitional Media and Marketing in politics, legal, sports, and industry trades

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